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24th February, 2019

Matt Here. February is almost gone, and it's Tanja's birthday in two days. If you're reading this, please don't even think of wishing Tanja a happy birthday on the 26th (if you'd like to show up with a bottle of wine, that's fine!) But it won't be a happy birthday for Tanja, maybe never again. She was never big on celebrating her birthday to begin with, but this year especially. As Nick's time on Earth recedes into the past, our outlook gets blacker and blacker. Our application for long-term disability, which we'd like to use to bridge the gap between the end of our short-term benefits in April and our desired return-to-work day in September, is awaiting OTIP's adjudication. If they reject our claim, then we'll appeal (and check ourselves into the psych ward if necessary.) I don't think we're in any shape to face the kids at our respective schools. I don't know if we'll be by September, but at least we wouldn't be facing

19th February, 2019

This week last year was one of the worst weeks of my life.   After a shadow showed up on the low-resolution ct-scan Nick received while doing radiation, it was discovered that his cancer had infiltrated his lungs with a vengeance. On February 14, just as he was about to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Alex, we had to break the news that yet again he would need more chemo.   We didn’t tell him that this time the chemo would be of the palliative variety.   That news was saved for an appointment approximately 6 days later when he was told by a doctor who wasn’t his own oncologist, that his cancer had reached the incurable stage.   During this appointment, being the coward that I am, I was doing what I normally do when Nick had to go to   the London Regional Cancer Clinic, I was on the treadmill at Goodlife, where I ran and ran to cope with my overwhelming fear and anxiety about what the results of the visit at our friendly neighbourhood cancer centre would be this time.   When I finall

1st February, 2019

We've just set up a scholarship fund in Nick's name, for students attending Humber College's Health Science program who have faced (or are currently facing) significant medical challenges. Please click on the link below to check it out.     The Scholarship Link