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4th December, 2019

We quietly marked the anniversary of Nick’s death on September 29 th with some homemade pizza.   The first year anniversary has come and gone and we are now almost 14 months into it with no signs that anything is getting any better.   The second year is proving to be worse as our cold reality cements itself more firmly.   Matthew is back at work, teaching 2 out of 3 classes, which appears to be a welcome distraction, and he plays in several bands, rehearsing a few nights a week which is also a necessary distraction.   Here is a clip of one of the gigs that he performed with his band Tell It To Sweeney at the London Music Hall, opening for David Wilcox in front of a jam-packed crowd. By the way, this band was just shortlisted as one of the finalists to play on New Years Eve in Victoria Park.   Come out and see them for the semi-finals on Friday, December 6 at Call the Office. Tell It To Sweeney -- The Countess Live at London Music Hall But, when the gig is over and we come