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25th August, 2019 - Nightmare on Commissioners Road

It's been a ridiculous week (some would say "shit-show") at the Greeson residence and its environs. We were just getting ready for bed on Wednesday at the pathetic hour of 7:30 pm, when the phone rang. It was the emergency department at University Hospital. Seems our younger son Vincent had been involved in an altercation with his room-mate, David, and had sustained severe facial and scalp lacerations. We got to Emerg and found Vincent surrounded by about 15 staff. The duty nurse had us wait in a counselling room while the team did their work. Vincent was a mess! He and David had been having a stupid argument about whose turn it was to do the dishes, and David had smacked him. Can't say we blame him for the sentiment (though Vin's actually great these days). Unfortunately, David had been holding a heavy ceramic coffee mug at the time. The mug shattered, and opened up the side of Vincent's face, as well as a major scalp artery, which spurted blood everywher

1 August 2019 - Kelowna Trip, Break-In at Home

We got to Kelowna on Tuesday. We've done a few great hikes. Unlike in 2017 when we drove Nick and Alex out to live, it's been cool, a little rainy, and wildfire-free. Thank God - didn't want another overheated St. Bernard on our hands. Today, we scattered some more of Nick's ashes, on Stephens Fox Ridge, right across from Nick and Alex's apartment. As this was our final scattering ceremony, and Kelowna represented Nick's dream of living in a beautiful, mountainous place, we buried a little 'time capsule' on the ridge, basically a funeral card, a poster from our September 8th fundraiser/memorial concert, letters from both of us, and a little stuffed bulldog. Looking past a gnarled tree on the edge of the cliff, N&A's apartment can be seen directly below. Hopefully our pictures capture the beauty of this place, a ridge that Nick would climb after work.  A variation of Alex's tattoo design, drawn by Sam, a lovely tattoo artist camping next