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15th February 2020

On February 12, Tanja and I were privileged to present an up-an-coming (and very appreciative) young funeral director with our first payout of the Nicholas Greeson Memorial Scholarship. We'd established this last year with the aim of helping Funeral Directing students whose young lives have been disrupted by health issues. This year's recipient is C. Wicks, who is every bit as nice as she looks, and we're overjoyed to have helped her out in some small way. When Nick announced his intention to go in Funeral Directing, Tanja's reaction was "Gad Nicholas, how morbid!", while mine was "Badass!". But the reality is that people who make this their careers are incredible, compassionate people whose main aim is help families though horrendous, tragic circumstances. Well, mostly...   ...Cree told us of one Humber student who got fired from her internship by posting disrespectful photos and video clips from inside the embalming room. I asked her, "Let me