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March 3rd 2021

    Hello everyone! We got through another Christmas and New Year.   Both were pretty bleak.   We rented a beautiful cottage up in Tobermory again, but it was just me, Matthew and Vinnie.   Although the complete seclusion was nice, the lack of company was oppressive.   I can’t handle peace and quiet; I need loud music, tons of people around, kids wreaking havoc, Nick playing his ear-splitting tunes with hundreds of his friends, Vinnie playing drums, lots of parties and dancing. Admittedly, the Stalinist covid restrictions have limited any fun people can have anyway. Despite the isolation on the Bruce, we did come across some ridiculous people, irrationally terrified of covid, clearly brainwashed by the irresponsible fear-mongering media like the CBC, CNN, MSNBC etc.   As Matthew and I approached them on an empty trail, this one old man retreated into the trees, covered his face and growled at us from afar (at least 50 feet away).   “What are you doing here?”   “Hiking,” we