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3rd May, 2020

En route to Killington, Vermont on Friday, March 13, we were going to visit Matt’s mom in Montreal; she had been hospitalized for surgery on her broken femur that week.   We arrived in the evening only to find that everything was being shut down due to COVID and hospital visits had just been completely prohibited.   We left the hospital singing REM’s fitting anthem “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine,” only to jump right back in the car to return to London and begin the quarantine that we’re all still in now.   In the meantime, Vincent had taken a month-long leave of absence from his McDonald’s job to detox from his cannabis addiction, a leave that turned into two months and which brought the realization that he couldn’t continue to live like this.   Either he would go back to school in September or stay on this road of depression and spiritual and mental death that he had begun the minute he found out his brother was terminal. Vincent has been living