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2019-09-10 - Great Balls of Fire 2019

This past Sunday, as many of you know, Matt, Tanja and Vincent hosted Great Balls of Fire 2019, a memorial concert for Nick and also a fundraiser for Act Now For Cancer, a charity established by Nick's primary oncologist Kylea Poitvin whose aim is to give oncology patients treatment options beyond the limitations of OHIP.  Our event was a success. We raised close to $2000 for the cause, and entertained everyone with 8 bands that all really nailed it. This post's main thrust is to thank everyone who made it all possible.  Thank you so much to Matt's staff at SDCI, who showed up in droves! Matt's back at work now, on a graduated RTW plan: one course until Thanksgiving, then two courses, and finally full time in semester 2. We're coming up on a year since Nick's passing, and the emotions are pretty overwhelming. One class is about all he can handle at this point, but the return is going well so far, and Matt's happy to be back among his SDCI "homies&qu