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Remembrance Day 2020

 Hello everyone! "Lest we forget" is a traditional phrase for Remembrance Day, but also applies to those (like Nick) who fell after their own private battle. Like WWII, Nick's battle was six years in duration, was well-fought, with bravery, strength and honour. Not much chance we'll forget. The above picture depicts Alex and Vinnie in front of the plaque we had commissioned for Nick which has been placed at Byron Skate Park. November 12th, the day after Remembrance Day, marks the two year anniversary of Tanja's dad Richard Zientara's passing. We were homeward bound from scattering Nick's ashes in Hong Kong at the time, missing a final farewell to him by mere hours. We'd stayed in HK for three weeks, which was one week too long. Such is life. No chance we'll forget him, and all he did for us, either.  Matthew's grandfather, father and uncle all served in the American military.     Grandpa was a submariner during WWII, and was aboard two separate