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10th June 2019

Last week we found out that the Nick Greeson Memorial scholarship had reached the $3000 mark.  On Friday, I spoke with two Humber representatives who told me that they were overwhelmed that we were able to raise that much money in such a short time.  "A remarkable achievement," Marlene announced. "We have enough money now to keep the scholarship going for another three years."  In November of this year, Matthew, myself and other family members will be attending the Humber Awards Ceremony where we will be honoured with the privilege of bestowing this award to another student who is/was struggling with medical issues while still demonstrating resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity -someone just like our Nick.  Thanks to all who contributed.  Please feel free to continue donating to this fund if you are so inclined.  We want to keep it going as long as possible. (LINK TO NICK'S MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP) I just received an email from a young man named Eri