September 4, 2020

 Hey All:
   It's been nearly two years since we lost Nick. Although it hasn't exactly been getting any easier - we'll never be "OK" with our situation - we've been hard at work, keeping Nick's memory alive and trying to raise awareness and money for the support of cancer therapies, particularly in young adults. 
   Despite the prevailing pandemic, we've managed to secure a venue for this year's Great Balls of Fire fundraiser - Old East 765 Bar and Grill, located at 765 Dundas St. We'll be adhering strictly with all regulations regarding COVID-19: this is a limited seating event, with tickets available exclusively online - though the bar may be able to shoehorn a couple more seats into the room if needs be.
   Tickets are available at If you can't make it to our event, donations are much appreciated, and can be made through this site as well.

   The following is an excerpt from a beautiful post by one of Nick's friends and band-mates. We love this guy. He was on hand to help bury our beloved basset hound, Jethro, who died just after Nick had finished his first round of chemotherapy, and just before we found out he'd relapsed. Neither Nick or myself were in any shape to do the job at the time. As rough as that day was, it seems like a pleasant memory by comparison. We love you, Jordan! We so appreciate the fact that every day, it seems like one of Nick's many friends shares a fond memory they had of him. 


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