18 September 2020


Alas, in light of rising COVID numbers in Ontario and the pall that this has cast upon London's slowly-recovering bar scene, Tanja and I have made a decision to postpone our Great Balls of Fire fundraiser. If you've purchased tickets, you have a few options open to you.
1. Hold onto them, and present them when we re-schedule. We'll keep the Eventbrite ticket sales page alive (but suspend further ticket sales), so you won't be forgotten.
2. Head to the ticketting site and click on 'refund'. I've changed the 'no refunds' policy to 'refunds on a case-by-case basis. If you need a refund, we'll sort you out personally.
3. You can always decide to let your ticket purchase be a donation to our cause!
We're keeping the donation page open. We've raised $1425 so far on this page, and we thank you so much for contributing to this worthwhile cause.
Stay tuned! Great Balls of Fire will be back.


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